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Mangalitsa Spare Ribs

In stock

Mangalitsa Spare Ribs

In stock

Mangalitsa Spare Ribs

Mangalitsa spare ribs offer a range of delicious possibilities. They can be slow-cooked or smoked to achieve tender, fall-off-the-bone perfection. Glaze them with a savory barbecue sauce or marinade for a finger-licking experience. Alternatively, braise them in flavorful liquids for a meltingly tender result. Mangalitsa spare ribs are a prime choice for so many different types of cuisines.

Approximately 2lbs piece for whole.

Approximately 1lb piece for half rib.


Through proper animal husbandry, Stone Arch Farm raises heritage breed Mangalitsa pigs. Originating in Hungary, Mangalitsa pigs, also called "hairy pigs" or "hairy sheep" (derives from Serbian language) have a striking physical characteristic that sets them apart from other pig breeds—their dense, curly fleece, reminiscent of a sheep's coat. This woolly covering serves as excellent insulation, allowing them to thrive in colder temperatures and making them well-suited for outdoor rearing in Lancaster County.

Our 100% purebred Mangalitsa pigs consist of all three types: blonde, red and swallow-bellied. One of the most appealing aspects of raising Mangalitsa pigs is their superior meat quality. The breed is renowned for its marbled, succulent, and flavorful meat, which is often compared to the highly prized Japanese Wagyu beef. The high fat content in the meat results in unparalleled tenderness and a unique taste profile that sets it apart from conventional pork. The Mangalitsa's distinctive flavor makes it a preferred choice for thoughtful chefs and food enthusiasts who value rare ingredients.

Our Mangalitsa pig's exceptional fat quality makes it highly versatile in the kitchen. Mangalitsa fat has a low melting point, rendering it ideal for creating lard, which possesses unmatched cooking properties. Mangalitsa lard enhances the texture, flavor, and aroma of dishes, making it a staple ingredient in traditional sausage and charcuterie applications. We like to call it "liquid gold". Additionally, the breed's fat composition is rich in monounsaturated fats, which are considered heart-healthy and have a more favorable impact on cholesterol levels.

From a sustainability standpoint, raising Mangalitsa pigs can be advantageous. Their ability to utilize Stone Arch Farm pastures and forage effectively reduces the reliance on concentrated feeds (we supplement with a local non-gmo corn feed). Additionally, their hardiness and resilience enable them to adapt well to Lancaster County weather all year long. The Mangalitsa pigs raised on Stone Arch Farm pastures with their distinctive appearance, exceptional meat quality, and culinary versatility make it highly sought after by both chefs and consumers.

Vendor Reviews

A let down. Received all the meat thawed. I order full rack expecting approximately 2lbs a piece but received 0.69 to 1lb range. Last time we ordered to this shop he gave us old meat we couldn’t even eat. We gave this farm another chance but still a bad experienced from them. Never again!

I loved my order of ground pork. Loved the service and even got an extra treat in my order. I have been wanting and waiting to try mangalista pork but could not afford it until discovering Stone Arch Farms. When I run out of this order I will order again. It is the most delicious pork I have ever eaten. Now it is the only pork I will eat.

I purchased 3 mangalitsa belly. It’s my first time buying from choplocal so I am not certain what to expect. I received my order promply. Unfortunately, the belly meat is mostly fats. It has probably around 10-20% meat then all fats. The taste of the meat though is what you would expect from a real mangalitsa. It is very good. Meat doesn’t smell very fresh. I really wanted to like it but the “belly” they are selling should be sold as fats instead. I hope they will consider to give more red meat rather than all fats. I may try again at some point to see if they improve the quality of what they’re offering.


Dude, I finally got to try your Chorizo & IT WAS BANGIN'! Chorizo-&-eggs is my go-to meal for unexpected guests or a breakfast-for-dinner meal when I don't feel like cooking. So I've had Chorizo from tons of premium pork suppliers, but the seasoning in yours was top-notch. Too many suppliers make Chorizo that's as bland as "hot" Italian sausage without the oregano. EXCELLENT work on these sausages! I will be buying them on the regular.

Always like to support local farmers and the mangalista pork from Stone Arch is top notch!!

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