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1/4 Beef [Deposit]

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1/4 Beef [Deposit]

Price is for deposit only and does not include processing fees. You are responsible for the processing fees when the beef is picked up at Tiefenthalar's in Holstein, IA and will pay those directly to the processor.

Once the deposit is made we will contact you to arrange a processing date. You will be responsible for paying the remaining balance of the beef on the day the animal goes to the processor. The price breakdown for a 1/4 beef is as follows: 

Quarter Beef  -  $630
*Processing fees not included in above price*

This will yield roughly 132.5 lbs in your freezer.  Processing will be in addition to price above and paid to the
processor directly at the time of beef pick up (approximate processing cost = $300*)
$630 (cost of calf) + $300 (approximate processing cost) = $930 (approximate total cost)

$930(approximate total cost) / 132.5 lbs = $7.01/lb (Includes all steaks, ground beef, roasts, etc.)
*Processing costs will vary depending on how you want your beef prepared.
You will receive an invoice for the final charge of $530 on the day the animal goes to the processor. 
*Delivery and shipping are available for an extra charge and that will be added to the final invoice*
Vendor Reviews

I love the Hamburger especially the Patties also Chuck roast rib eye steak boneless flank steak it’s all good Juicy and great flavor

Our first experience ordering a 1/4 of beef and I must say its been excellent! Great folks to deal with and delicious meat. Looking forward to doing business again with them.

Melt in your mouth steaks and roasts. Can’t say enough about how good Vintage Beef is!

very flavorful and juicey steaks

The people and the product they produce are awesome. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!

Our first of many purchases from Vintage Beef! This roast beef is the best we have had. No waste what so ever. And plenty of leftovers!

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