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Beef Summer Sausage

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Beef Summer Sausage

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Beef Summer Sausage

Beef Summer Sausage is a great, light refreshing snack by itself or paired with cheese and crackers. This summer sausage is made with our premium quality beef for excellent flavor. Try it on your pizza for a new taste! This needs to be refrigerated but can be stored in the freezer for up to 6 months.

Vacuum Packed. Each Package is approximately 1.5 Lbs.

Vintage Beef by Gress Family Farms

Charter Oak, Iowa

Vintage Beef is proudly raised by the Gress family, Aaron and Debbie and their sons (Dawson, Peyton, and Teagen) on their family farm located in western Iowa. Aaron and Debbie are 4th generation farmers who wanted to expand and diversify their farm so their boys have the opportunity for a future in agriculture. Their passion for farming is reflected in their high quality products.

For over 20 years we have been working side by side on their farm, along with our three boys, raising cattle, growing corn, soybeans, and hay. Several years ago we found our freezer empty and had to purchase meat at the local grocery store. It had been years since we had gotten away from eating our home raised beef. We realized the quality and taste of our dry-aged beef was exceptional and wanted to share it with others.

Our commitment to humanely raising a superior product sets our beef apart. We use superior genetics in our angus-limosin breed that gives excellent marbling along with extremely high yielding animals so you get the most for your money, especially with the purchase of our freezer beef available in quarter, half, and whole beefs.

We also work closely with our nutritionist to develop top quality rations along with additional vitamins and kelp meals which support the cattles' immune system, ensuring optimal health. They are also fed with feed raised right here on our farm so we know what goes into them from the day we calf them to the day they are harvested.

Our calves are hand fed and in small groups which gives them a stress free environment which improves and protects the quality of meat. Aaron hand picks the animals to be sent for harvest when they are perfectly finished, ensuring the best product possible. There are no added hormones or antibiotics in our beef so you can rest assured it is a great choice when it comes to feeding your family.

We are excited to share the same high-quality home raised beef with our customers that we have enjoyed for years! Customize an order to fit your family's needs with individual cuts, one of our bundles or freezer beef available in 1/8, 1/4, 1/2 or whole beefs, We offer free local delivery within a 30 mile radius, farm pickup, and nationwide shipping.

We pride ourselves on providing our customers premium beef along with unmatched customer service. Meeting new people and taking care of each individuals unique needs is something we enjoy.

When we aren't working we enjoy going to the boys' activities, traveling, volunteering at our church and coaching little boys' basketball.

Vendor Reviews

I love the Hamburger especially the Patties also Chuck roast rib eye steak boneless flank steak it’s all good Juicy and great flavor

Our first experience ordering a 1/4 of beef and I must say its been excellent! Great folks to deal with and delicious meat. Looking forward to doing business again with them.

Melt in your mouth steaks and roasts. Can’t say enough about how good Vintage Beef is!

very flavorful and juicey steaks

The people and the product they produce are awesome. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!

Our first of many purchases from Vintage Beef! This roast beef is the best we have had. No waste what so ever. And plenty of leftovers!

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