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1/2 Locker Beef [DEPOSIT]

Out of stock

1/2 Locker Beef [DEPOSIT]

Out of stock
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1/2 Locker Beef [DEPOSIT]

Price is for deposit only and does not include processing fees. You are responsible for the processing fees when the beef is picked up at the Blue Bird Locker in Delmont, SD and will pay those directly to the processor.*

You will be responsible for paying the remaining balance of the beef once the animal goes to the processor. We charge $4.25/lb for the hanging weight of the animal. For a half of beef, you can expect between 200 - 350 lbs of actual meat.

*Processing costs will vary depending on how you want your beef prepared.
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About Wagner American Blues

We are a family owned farm in Parkston, South Dakota, and we strive to bring you the best meat. We love our American Blue meat and want to share our love for it with everyone.

American Blues are a double muscle breed of cattle, meaning they have a gene called the Myostatin Gene. The American Blue crosses contain more short muscle fibers than traditional beef. This significantly contributes to meat tenderness.

Since there is minimal fat content, American Blue beef has greater moisture content. These two items together help establish a base for an exceptionally flavorful product. Not only is it flavorful it is also very tender. Once you try American Blue meat your mouth will water for more.

Not only does their meat taste wonderful, the breed is great to work with. They are a docile and quiet breed which makes them easy to handle and to work with.

Our meat is hormone free, drug free, and grass fed, grain finished.

Why American Blues?

If you're not familiar with American Blues yet, you're in for a treat! This unique breed of cattle contains more short muscle fibers than traditional meat - resulting in moist and tender meat. Check out the graphics below for more info!

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