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Frequently Asked Questions about Bison

Are buffalo and bison the same thing?

Bison and Buffalo are in fact not the same thing, although both resemble similar characteristics and are of the Bovide Family there are a few differences to understand between the two. 

There are two different kinds of Bison, which are the American and European bison and two kinds of buffalo, the water and cape buffalo. Much to contrary beliefs buffalo do not roam the western plains, but are actually found in South Asia and Africa.  

Bison on the other hand call North America and Europe home. In terms of characteristics there are a few that can help in distinguishing between the two, Bison have a very prominent hump at their shoulders and buffalo do not. 

This hump is very beneficial in the winter months and helps bison plow through deep snow while foraging for grass.  In addition Buffalo will tend to have much larger horns reaching up to 6ft in length and will be bardless. 

As a culture we have influenced the use of the term buffalo as a common name when referring to the large native land mammals that we have in North America when really they are in fact Bison.

Does bison taste like beef?

The main difference between bison and beef is that bison is much leaner and is also typically more expensive. Over the last couple years bison has raised in popularity due to it being domestically produced in their native homeland in the west and by farmers and ranchers across the country. 

How do you cook bison?

Due to bison being very similar to beef the cooking methods are relatively the same as long as you are cooking bison to your desired doneness the eating experience will be very similar. To ensure the proper degree of doneness using a meat thermometer throughout the entire cooking process will provide you a great eating experience time and time again.  

Here are 7 tasty bison recipes for you to try!


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