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Leg of Lamb Steaks - Thin Cut 1/2"

In stock

Leg of Lamb Steaks - Thin Cut 1/2"

In stock

2 lb of Thin Cut Leg Steaks

Traditional lamb steaks come from the rib, loin, sirloin and shoulder of the animal. These thinly slicy leg steaks require a shorter amount of cooking time compared to other cuts, making them an economical and flavorful choice for quick and easy meals. Chops are 1/2" thick.

2 Per Pack. We'll ship at least 2lbs. 

Cooking tip:  Season with Salt and Rosemary and smoke for 20-30 minutes and then grill at a lower temperature like 325 for 35-45 minutes for an internal temperature of 135.  Tent and let rest 10 minutes before slicing thinly and serving.  Enjoy with a fresh chimichurri herb sauce!

Vendor Reviews

"We'll be back again and again. The rack of lamb was DEVINE. We're hooked!"

Purchasing and pickup was a breeze! Prices were great and the meat tasted even better! Thank you so much! Will definitely recommend you to friends.

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