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Edward & Rebecca Dalton (along with their 3 sons) Isaac, Lucas and Simon are the 7th generation at Dalton Farms LLC in Wakeman, OH! When they took over the farm, they had a feeling of obligation but have since found it to be their passion with a specific goal in mind - grow a healthy and affordable product.

They knew that in order to be sustainable for years to come, they would need to make changes to current practices. Although change is scary, they felt it was necessary. In 2019, they decided to transition half of their 2000-acre farm to organic production and started growing organic crops for the first time in years. 

In addition to organic crops, they farm 1000 acres of conventional crops, raise beef and collaborate with other local farms to supply farm raised meat to their customers like chicken and pork. It is important to them that the meat they are raising and selling be all natural and raised on a local family farm. No added hormones. No unnecessary antibiotics. You won’t find better quality for the price!

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Buy local pork online from farmers and butcher shops near you

ChopLocal is incredibly proud to partner with pork farms near you! We offer pork from a network of farms and small butcher shops across the country.

When you buy local pork, you're supporting local farmers and small businesses, and we thank you! Your supoort helps stimulate rural economies and create healthy communities.

Buying direct from a farmer also allows you to have all of your questions answered. Wondering how the pigs were raised? You can ask! Wondering what they were fed? You can ask that, too!

Many of the farms on ChopLocal raise heritage breeds (like Duroc, Mangalitsa and Berkshire), which often leads to higher quality, more flavorful meat than what is available at the commercial level. 

Most Popular Cuts of Pork

1. Pork Chop

Cooking Methods: Pork chops are versatile and can be cooked in several ways. They can be grilled, pan-fried, baked, or even broiled. They can be marinated for flavor or seasoned with herbs and spices.

2. Pork Tenderloin

Cooking Methods: Pork tenderloin is a lean and tender cut. It's excellent for roasting, grilling, or pan-searing. It can be marinated or seasoned before cooking. Because it's lean, be careful not to overcook it to keep it tender and juicy.

3. Pork Loin Roast

Cooking Methods: Pork loin roast is a larger cut and is great for roasting. It can be seasoned with herbs, spices, and a rub. Slow roasting at a lower temperature helps keep it juicy.

4. Pork Shoulder or Pork Butt

Cooking Methods: This cut is known for its richness and flavor. It's often used for slow-cooking methods like braising, roasting, or smoking. It's perfect for pulled pork. A slow cooker or an oven set to a low temperature works well for this cut.

5. Spareribs and Baby Back Ribs

Cooking Methods: Ribs are typically cooked using slow and low methods like grilling, smoking, or baking. They can be pre-seasoned with a rub and then cooked over indirect heat. A final glaze of barbecue sauce is a popular finish.

Interesting Facts about Pork

1. Pork is the world's most-consumed meat!
2. Pork is full of nutrients, including protein, vitamins (including B-vitamins like B12 and niacin) and minerals including iron, zinc and phosphorus.
3. Pork can be leaner than you think! The loin and tenderloin are relatively low in fat.
4. Pork does not have to be cooked "well-done." Cook pork to 145°F for juicy, succulent pork!

Where to find a Whole Hog

Whole hogs for roasting can be hard to find, and we do not have any currently available on ChopLocal.

However, if you want to buy a whole or half hog, processed for your family's freezer, we encourage you to check out the hog farms on ChopLocal, and send them a message. You can also refer to this blog post about buying a whole hog.

Order Pork Online: How it Works

1. Check out the pork farms and butcher shops above.

2. Can't find one near you? Many farmers and butcher shops in the ChopLocal network will ship pork right to your door!

3. Looking for something specific? Use the search bar or filters to find the meat that's right for you.

4. Order pork online and the farmer or butcher shop will fulfill your order!

Dalton Farms Reviews

I have tried several mail order farms. Most were good but Dalton Farms is exceptional. Their ground beef is tender and no rubbery pieces like I experienced with other farms. I made burgers several times and overcooked one batch and they were still tender. I bought the boneless ham for Easter and everyone raved how good it was. I noticed not only was it flavorful but moist. The best moist ham ever. Never buy from the grocery or spiral sliced again. Shop local everyone !!!!!

I keep hearing great things about this place! The beef and chicken is amazing! You can’t beat cheaper yet, fresher meat!

Loved the beef and chicken from Dalton Farms! Ordering again soon!

Really pleased with our 1/2 of beef. The freshness plus the personalized cut selection was so appreciated. How can we go back to store bought? Love the clean operation they run. We will be back for more! Thank you!!

Great selection of beef,chicken everything you need for freezer they have it.

This is the second year I got a quarter beef from Dalton Farms. Cheaper and fresher than buying beef at the store and the quality is so good. This is how I will continue to buy all my beef in the future

We purchased two 5+ pound standing rib roasts. The roasts looked great with medium marbling. Dalton Farms had separated the rib bones from the meat and put them back in place with butchers twine, saving me a half hour.. We used an applewood rub and hickory smoked it @ 210 until the internal temp was 130. After a 10 minute rest we sliced off a couple of steaks. They were remarkable! Great flavor and that firm tenderness you look for in a prime rib. In a good restaurant this would have been a $50+ steak. Next time I think that I will season with a little salt and pepper instead of a rub. Kudos to Rebecca and the Dalton Farms crew. 5 stars!


We have purchased individual steaks from Dalton’s a few times. We decided it would be best to order 1/2 of beef. We picked everything up this week, and everything was nicely packaged and organized. The meat is always so delicious we receive from Dalton Farms. Would certainly recommend their products to anyone. Pricing was great too!

Absolutely THE BEST beef I have ever had! The prices are good and I’m so happy to have discovered Dalton Farm! The family is warm, welcoming, and devoted to offering the best products. What more can you ask for?! Definitely recommend 100% to anyone I can! When I can (I work A LOT) I travel about 35 minutes just to buy from them and it’s the highlight of my day. My older kids will even go get stuff when I can’t or enjoy going with me when I do!

Awesome tast of beef and awesome service. they are excellent

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Dalton Farms

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