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About Charron Farm - Vermont Grassfed Beef

Charron Farm was established in 1959 as a family dairy farm by Charles and Bernice Charron. Charles and Bernice had 13 children. David grew up milking cows and has continued to run the farm which switched from Dairy to Black Angus beef in 2004. Charron Farm is committed to Vermont sustainable agriculture.

​David's lifetime of experience in farming is evident by the condition of his herd.

We are a small family run grass fed, black angus beef farm located in West Haven, VT.

Unlike many farms, every Charron Farm beef is born and raised on our property. When you buy from us, you can take comfort in knowing exactly where your meat comes from.

We use a rotational grazing system that allows our animals to move regularly to fresh pastures.

The hay they are fed through the winter is grown and baled by us right here in West Haven insuring quality feed for our animals during the winter months. The calves are raised in the 26-28 months range to ensure the best flavor.

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Charron Farm
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