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Fluffy Butt Farms LLC, situated amidst the lush landscapes of Battle Creek, Michigan, stands as a paragon of sustainable farming and ecological stewardship. Founded in 2020 by Chris and Tawney Wolters, the farm has burgeoned into a symbol of resilience, self-sufficiency, and agricultural innovation. At its core, the farm is committed to raising forest-raised heritage meats and delivering environmentally conscious vegetation management through Goats On The Go®.

Specializing in a variety of livestock, including Kiko goats, Mangalitsa Pigs, and Irish Dexter Cattle, all animals are raised in a forest environment. This silvopasture approach ensures animals enjoy a natural habitat, enhancing their well-being and the quality of the meats produced. Through ethical and natural rearing practices, Fluffy Butt Farms guarantees premium heritage meats, underlining its dedication to animal welfare and sustainable agriculture.

Complementing its commitment to sustainable farming practices, Fluffy Butt Farms is proud to be MAEP (Michigan Agriculture Environmental Assurance Program) certified. This certification reflects the farm's adherence to proactive environmental stewardship practices, demonstrating a commitment to protecting natural resources while maintaining efficient agricultural production. Achieving MAEP certification signifies Fluffy Butt Farms' dedication to implementing environmentally sustainable and responsible farming practices, further solidifying its role as a leader in sustainable agriculture.

In addition to its agricultural endeavors, Tawney Wolters brings a unique artisanal touch to the farm with her coffee roasting operation, offering freshly roasted coffees that align with the farm’s ethos of quality and sustainability. The farm's involvement in local markets, such as the Kalamazoo and Marshall Farmers Market, emphasizes its commitment to community engagement and sustainable living.

Fluffy Butt Farms LLC represents more than just a farm; it's a model for future agriculture, combining traditional farming techniques with modern, sustainable approaches. With its focus on forest-raised heritage meats, Goats On The Go®, Tawney’s coffee roasting, and bolstered by its MAEP certification, Fluffy Butt Farms stands as a testament to the power of integrating agriculture with nature, offering significant contributions to the ecological and community well-being of Battle Creek, Michigan, and beyond.

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Fluffy Butt Farms Reviews

Consensus is... best pork chops we've ever had! Sausage was really good too!

Highly recommended! Best coffee ever! Staff is always friendly and efficient, orders filled fast and deliveries on time

Recently found out about them a few months ago, and finally caught up with them at the Kalamazoo farmers market. So far we’ve tried the Oberon brats, pineapple teriyaki, and old fashion brats and they were all the best we’ve had hands down! They also have a great meat rub that was to die for on the pork chops. I’ll be back for more at the next farmers market. Definitely a great farm to buy from!

I have worked in the food industry for over 40 years and have never had pork as good as this! The Hungarian breed of Mangalitsa pigs is amazingly good. Now it’s all I want if pork is on the menu. We eat far less meat these days so when we do we want the best there is. Pasture raised, free to roam in the woods really makes a difference.

We enjoyed an amazing ham for Easter dinner. It had a heavy layer of fat that crisped up under the glaze I used and basted the meat. There is simply no comparison between a mushy, salty processed ham from the grocery store and this delicately flavored smoked farm raised ham!

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Fluffy Butt Farms

Fluffy Butt Farms

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